Waalre Walks: the podwalk app with Augmented Reality

We developed a podwalk app for the Municipality of Waalre, called 'Waalre Walks.' With the podwalk app, you can follow podwalks in Waalre and the surrounding area, which is part of Brabant. Podwalks are location-based audio tours. This podwalk app includes Augmented Reality.

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Waalre is a municipality in the Dutch province of North Brabant with a rich history and beautiful natural surroundings. The perfect combination for lovely walks. The Municipality of Waalre was inspired by the podwalk app from 'The Story of the Netherlands' and therefore asked Elements to develop a podwalk app for them as well.

With the 'Waalre Walks' podwalk app, you can follow audio tours in the Waalre area. In these walks, actor Mike Weerts takes you on a journey through the stories that can be discovered in Waalre, right on location. Using cues from the landscape, he tells you what is so special about the place where you currently stand. Thanks to the GPS integration, Mike knows exactly where you are. He guides you to your destination and directs your attention to the sights along the way.


Our approach

In some parts of the podwalk, we have enriched the experience with Augmented Reality, allowing you to literally visualize the past. For instance, you can explore the former Aalst-Waalre train station from the early 19th century, walking around it virtually. You can also encounter French soldiers from 1800 on the wild heath. Additionally, we have included an option to choose between the standard route or the extra-long route at the midway point of the journey.

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"The Municipality of Waalre utilizes the white-label podwalk platform developed by Elements, which meant that approximately 80% of the app had already been developed and designed. This allowed us to focus on the remaining 20% customization for the Municipality of Waalre. This project is a collaboration involving:

- Municipality of Waalre: Concept development & owner
- Elements: App development, Visual design, UX design, and the calibration tool for route planning
- Studio Make: Audio development & sound design
- Story Matters: Content development for Augmented Reality
- Mike Weerts as the voice actor
- 85ème régiment d’infanterie de ligne: Actors from the re-enactment group"

Listen, learn & experience

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The Municipality of Waalre has initiated the launch of one route in both English and Dutch. Over the coming years, they plan to introduce multiple routes within the app. They can do so at no additional cost because they are utilizing Elements' white-label podwalk platform, enabling them to easily scale the number of routes. These routes will include both walking and cycling options.

The app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store.

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