Self service

Streamline interaction and increase customer satisfaction

Self-service portals give customers more control and autonomy in their interactions with companies and are an efficient way to provide services. Portals are often offered as an app or web platform. Elements has extensive experience developing portals used by large numbers of concurrent customers.

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Why a self service portal?

Self-service portals help organizations save costs by reducing the number of customer interactions. They can increase customer satisfaction as the customer experiences more control. Processes are simplified, and less manual work is required by service staff which results in more efficiency.

Cost savings and improved productivity

By automating processes and reducing the number of phone calls or emails to customer service, a company can save money. By giving customers more responsibility, employees can be deployed in other ways to enhance the brand experience.

Increased customer satisfaction

Customers can look up information, adjust their data, and ask questions at their convenience without waiting to be assisted by an employee. This can lead to higher customer satisfaction.

Improved brand experience

A self-service portal can help create a professional and modern brand experience.


By tracking data on how customers use the self-service portal, a company can gain insight into customer needs and issues, which can help improve offerings and service delivery.

Integration with existing systems

Depending on a company's application landscape, there are various ways a self-service portal can be integrated with existing software. It is important to map out beforehand which information from which systems should be displayed in the portal. For example:

  • Invoice history
  • View your monthly amount
  • Usage data
  • Manage personal information
  • Manage payment information
  • Orders and ongoing orders
  • Communication with customer service

It is important to consider specific requirements and possibilities when choosing the right integration approach. Elements has extensive experience in unlocking data from (legacy) systems and ensures a smooth integration process.