Communities &
loyalty apps

Increase engagement and loyalty

Community and loyalty apps create a sense of connection with a brand or organization. They provide access to exclusive content, offers or rewards, and can be a way to gather userfeedback and insights. Community apps often feature functions like forums or social feeds where users can interact with each other and the brand.

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Power of community apps for brands

Communities can be a powerful tool for brands to increase customer satisfaction, strengthen loyalty, improve brand experience, create brand value, and ultimately increase revenue. Some benefits of communities for brands include:

Customer satisfaction

By interacting with customers and addressing their issues and questions in a community environment, a brand can increase customer satisfaction.


By creating a community where users feel connected to the brand and each other, a brand can strengthen customer loyalty.

Brand experience

By providing valuable content, interaction, and entertainment in a community, a brand can improve the brand experience for users.

Brand value 

By creating a positive image and generating word-of-mouth marketing within a community, a brand can increase its brand value.


A community can be a valuable source for customer feedback and insights, which can help improve the brand and its services to meet customer needs.

Mobile apps for communities

An example of a successful community app is the "Wie is de Mol" app, where annually a million unique users log in during the television series.

Loyalty apps

Brands use loyalty programs to reward and retain customers through discounts, special offers, and other incentives. Loyalty apps often allow users to earn points or rewards for interactions, which can be redeemed for discounts or special offers. Some loyalty apps also offer personalized recommendations or exclusive access to products and events.