Media & content apps

Add an extra dimension

Apps and platforms that connect media brands with their audience; We have been the development partner of Wie is de Mol?, Eurovision Song Contest, and a number of other TV programs for years. These brands have a large fan base and understand how apps add an extra dimension to their content.

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Media apps enhance brand experience

For organizations in the media industry, it is essential to build a strong bond with their target audiences. Consumer media usage has changed in recent years. By bringing supply, communication, and brand experience together in an app, you'll be in the audience's pocket and always top of mind.

Apps for television

With mobile apps, there are countless possibilities for interaction with a target audience. The latest developments include location-based media apps that can add an extra offline dimension to a brand. For example, we developed a podwalk app with geolocation for Het Verhaal van Nederland.

Peak performance

Media apps often deal with peak loads: high visitor numbers and heavy data traffic during a broadcast, special promotion, or specific time. With a scalable backend and real-time insight into performance, it is possible to continuously apply performance improvements. Read here how we facilitated 1 million users in the Wie is de Mol? app

Platform independent

Modern consumers are device and platform-independent. With the ability to watch, listen, and shop on smartphones and tablets, a mobile-first approach is necessary for the best user experience. We help organizations adopt a mobile-first strategy.