Proof of Concept

Test and implement your app idea

To make sure your app works great and becomes a hit, we need to spot and solve any problems that slow it down. We'll check your app for issues, fix them, and make sure they don't bother you again in the future.

I want to build a Proof of Concept together

The process

Idea Clarification

Start by defining the key objectives and functionalities of the app. Identify the core value proposition and the problems it aims to solve.

Pre-MVP (Minimal Viable Product)

Select the most essential features crucial to the app's purpose. These will be the core elements of the PoC.


Create a basic version of the app focusing solely on the core features. This might involve UI/UX design, coding, and backend consultancy, primairly for the essential functionalities.

Testing with Friendly Users

Share the PoC with a select group of friendly users or a small target audience. Collect their feedback, observations, and suggestions. This step helps in understanding user preferences, usability issues, and potential improvements.

Iterate and Refine

Based on the feedback received, iterate and refine the PoC. Make necessary adjustments to enhance user experience, fix bugs, and potentially add features deemed important by the users.


Throughout the process, maintain detailed documentation of the process, user feedback, and iterations made. This information will be valuable when presenting the PoC to internal stakeholders and potential clients.

The 'Het Verhaal van Nederland' podwalk app won a Golden DIA award in the Content category and 2 Spin Awards at the Dutch Creativity Awards.

Why is a Proof of Concept necessary?

The primary goal of a mobile app PoC is to demonstrate the feasibility and potential of your app idea in a tangible way. It provides a sneak peek into the envisioned final product, allowing both your team and potential clients to visualize the app's capabilities and potential impact. It could also help build a more solid business case since it gives insights and understanding of total costs involved, potential savings and user acceptance rates.

Benefits Proof of Concept

Additional input for business case

User involvement for product development

Realisation plan

Internal promotion and understanding

What we deliver

Design of primary pages and functionalities

Plan for technical realization

Security and privacy solution

Impact on investment