Technical Debt Reduction

Reduce and prevent technical debt

A pecific part of our services focusses on technical debt reduction and prevention. With this service we'll make sure all your software components are up-to-date with the latest versions and your main tech is running on the most stable release. This will help cut down on any technical debt. Managing technical debt effectively means keeping your codebase in better shape. This leads to developers getting more done, spending less time fixing bugs, and doing less maintenance work. It also ensures your app can go the distance in the long run.

I want to reduce my Technical Debt

The benefits

Reduce legacy

No more struggle with obsolete codebases.

Fast development changes

Faster development changes and updates. And a future-proof app delivery processes reducing time to market.

Short release cycles

Optimization for change to release features or modifications faster. And with that increase customer satisfaction.

Modular solution

Reduced complexity by decoupling code from unrelated functions.

Less bugs

Fewer bugs from code modification.

Lower costs

Continuous update cycle that lowers the cost and risk of upgrading all at once.

"Working together with Elements, we have successfully tackled a significant number of technical challenges and rapidly worked towards a first release."
- Frank van Polanen, Head of Product, Intergamma

What we deliver

Product Performance Measurement

App performance audit and improvements

Optimization Report

Technical debt report and recommendations


Technical debt prevention plan

Future Plan

Implementation of low hanging fruit and major recommendations

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