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Web apps are an accessible way to facilitate users. Web apps can be accessed via a browser on both desktop and mobile devices. Unlike mobile apps that must be downloaded through the App Store or Google Play. Want to know how we can offer your users the best digital experience?

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Frontend development

Our frontend developers are working on functional and appealing web applications with focus on usability. They make sure what the users visually see first in the browser or application has the best user experience and connects perfectly with the backend.

Backend development

Our backend developers have passion for building high quality web applications. We implement innovative solutions that can connect your current systems, process large amounts of data or build entire new applications that align perfectly with a user friendly frontend.

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Ticking all boxes
with Agile development

Your business has needs. So do your users. And the product needs to be actually feasible. With our Agile approach to development,we come up with a solution that ticks all boxes.

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Progressive Web Apps

A progressive web app, or PWA for short, is a type of website that can be installed on a user's mobile device without the need for a plugin or app store. They are becoming increasingly popular because they offer a more efficient and user-friendly experience than traditional web apps. Compared to native apps, PWAs load quickly and take up no space on the device, so they are perfect for times when you want to use an app but don't want to download it first. However, they do require an internet connection at all times to use a PWA.

PWAs are not yet perfect replacements for regular apps. This is mainly because they do not (yet) have access to device-specific features like Touch ID, Face ID, push notifications, Bluetooth and payment options like Applepay. They are also not available in the various app stores, making it harder to get to your users on their phone's home screen.

Consumer apps

Business owners and marketers know that a strong customer relationship is the key to success. This is why more and more organisations are offering apps to connect and stay in touch with their target audience in innovative ways. If your brand does not yet offer an app through the appstore, a web app is an interesting first step to gauge the interest of your target audience, it can also complement a mobile app to serve users in their preferred way.

Think of a self service portal where customers of telecom companies can view their user data, subscriptions and bills.

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Business platforms

A platform for communicating with customers and users is a godsend for many organisations. Consider, for example, a municipality's online platform that collects reports on public space from citizens. You have business needs. Your users have their needs. And the product has to be feasible. With our Agile development approach, we come up with a solution that ticks everything off.

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A mobile app
in 3 steps

1. Define scope

What is the main purpose of your mobile app? When will the app be a success? After answering these questions, we determine the scope. During this step, we gather insights to advise you on the best solution. That way, there will be no surprises later on.

2. Create and code

Is the scope clear? If so, we can make definitive plans, put together a (joint) team and start developing. Using the latest technological innovations, we develop your mobile app for an unrivalled user experience. All in Agile sprints.

3. Perfecting your app

Often, a mobile app is not just meant to be used once. We do not stop after delivery either. There are probably all kinds of ideas to extend or optimise the app. Besides, by now there are users providing feedback and statistics to learn from. Now is the time to tweak, perfect and expand.

“Thanks to Elements the WIDM app worked perfectly Saturday night, despite the never seen 50.000 requests per second!"
- Finus Tromp, AVROTROS