Frontend development

Our frontend developers work on appealing and functional web applications with a focus on user-friendliness. They ensure that what the users visually see first in the browser or application has the best user experience and they ensure a perfect link with the backend.

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HTML, CSS and JavaScript

We code our (web) applications in HTML, using CSS to control presentation, formatting, and layout and using JavaScript to control the behaviour of different elements. As well as taking care of the business rules and logics. But what would a frontend be without a backend processing the data?

React, Vue and Node.js

We use different modern frameworks (like React, Vue and Node.js), libraries and tools, all depending on the needs and current stack of the brands we work with. This way the application is perfectly aligned with the already existing technologies and systems. We’d like to make sure in the end we deliver usable and maintainable applications.

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Usability & graphic standards

One of the most important things of an application is its usability. In the end the application needs to be user friendly to add value to a business. Also important is to make sure the same graphic standards and branding are applied throughout the entire product’s interface. With these two standards in mind, we develop next level applications.

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Making web applications and platforms

That’s what we like to do most. Together with 60 professionals from our offices in Almere and Barcelona we are passionate about crafting lovable and usable digital experiences that help move brands and people forward. We think we can help you forward using the right technology. Are you facing a technical challenge? Or are you interested in building applications together with us? Tell us all about it!