Digital identity

Online identification, verification, and authorization

Digital identity apps are a simple and secure way to prove who you are and give entities access to personal information needed to provide their services. It allows users to verify their identity, like a digital version of an id check. Elements has been active in this field for many years, developing numerous mobile solutions to enable this.

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What is digital identity?

A person's digital identity is formed by the collection of data generated through their online activities. As our society becomes more digital, increasingly more privacy-sensitive information becomes part of our digital identity. This includes communication with governments, banks, and healthcare providers.

Elements develops digital solutions to carefully process and make this type of information available to organizations. The starting point is that users themselves are in control of their digital identity and who or which institution is allowed to access their information..

Know your customer (KYC)

It is becoming easier to sign up to services that impact our finances, such as mobile subscriptions, car leases, or mortgages. As there is less human intervention needed in closing these services, it is essential for organizations offering these services to verify the identity and financial situation of customers beforehand, ensuring they can bear the financial obligations.

Identity Wallets

An identity wallet is a mobile app that gives users full control over the data they share with organizations. You decide which organizations may have access to your data and for how long. Identity wallets enhance online safety for users and prevent fraud.

Together with KPN, we developed a mobile app for their PiM identity wallet. This allows KPN to provide organizations with control over GDPR regulations, offer users a secure login method, and increase customer trust. Automated processes ensure reliable checks without human errors. Personal data not relevant to the organization remains masked.

Mobile identity

Mobile devices are crucial in this regard because they are personal and much safer than web applications. With a mobile device, people can identify themselves, verify information, and authorize institutions to access personal information. This can be done using biometric login, such as Face ID and Touch ID.


eHerkenning is a standardized login system that allows business users from Dutch companies to easily log in to both government and private organizations.

Save features and integrations

Important aspects of digital identity solutions are security and integration with institutions. For example, we integrate iDIN, a service from banks that allows consumers to identify, verify, and authorize themselves at other organizations using the secure and trusted login tools of their own bank.

Important features used in digital identity applications:

  • Biometric authentication, such as Face ID and Touch ID, which use unique facial or fingerprint features to log in.
  • Automatic logout during inactivity for extra protection against unauthorized access.
  • Identity verification to confirm who you are and validate data before sharing it. This is done using MRZ (Machine Readable Zone) data and NFC chips in passports, driver's licenses, or identity cards.
  • Liveness Detection, a feature used to prove that it's you by performing simple actions, such as looking at a moving object on the screen or making a simple head movement.