Backend development

Our backend Developers have passion for building high quality web applications. We implement innovative solutions that can connect your current systems, process large amounts of data or build entire new applications that align perfectly with a user friendly frontend.

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Python & Django Development

Our go-to programming language for building Back-end systems is Python; we fully leverage its simplicity and flexibility to drastically reduce development times. Combined with the Django framework, it allows us to iterate even faster and deliver applications that are not only performant but also protected by state-of-art security features. But what would a backend be without a frontend showing the application? We use some more technology to align the two perfectly.

Technology architecture

Our developers can perfectly advise and help you achieve your vision by choosing the most appropriate technology for your specific needs. If you already have your own systems in place, we will do our best to integrate with them. We usually approach this by creating ad-hoc API’s to allow the smoothest possible service-to-service communication. We can also take care of setting up a rights and permission system that will put you in charge of your own data. Finally, you can decide where you want your services to be hosted. We can set them up directly in your servers, rely on third parties like AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud or, for smaller projects, host them in house

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Processing large amount of data

We can imagine you have a lot of user data processed by your application. This could be personal data procured for a subscription or user data that give information about the behaviour in your application. Users need to get the right response depending on their input. And this data needs to be processed, stored and properly secured.

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Making web applications and platforms

That’s what we like to do most. Together with 60 professionals from our offices in Almere and Barcelona we are passionate about crafting lovable and usable digital experiences that help move brands and people forward. We think we can help you forward using the right technology. Are you facing a technical challenge? Or are you interested in developing applications together with us? Tell us all about it!