App Accessibility Check

Increase security and accessibility

The development of mobile apps has always been subject to strict guidelines from Apple in the earlier stages, and later from Google as well. However, nowadays, there are more compliance guidelines than ever before. In this service, we address those "must-do's" for the accessibility of your app or platform. At Elements, we recognize the crucial role accessibility plays in providing an app to thousands or millions of users. For this specialized service, the App Accessibility Check, we shed light on the business value of accessibility and why it is a must-do activity for a successful mobile app.

I want to check if my app is Accessible

App Accessibility Check

Accessibility Standards

Document Compliance with Accessibility Standards and suggest improvements

Text and Multimedia

Alternative Text and Multimedia Accessibility


Colour contrast and readability


Responsive Design analysis


Confirm that the application is responsive on various devicesand test with different screen sizes and orientations.

Why is App Accessibility important?

Inclusivity: App accessibility ensures that all users, including those with various physical and cognitive abilities, have equal access to digital services. This enhances the inclusivity of the app, ensuring that no one is excluded from its use.
Legal Requirements: Many countries have laws and regulations mandating that digital services, including mobile apps, be accessible to people with disabilities. By complying with these requirements, developers avoid legal issues and potential penalties.
Improved User Experience
: App accessibility leads to an enhanced user experience for all users, not just those with disabilities. Features such as clear navigation, adjustable text size, and support for screen readers make the app easier to use for everyone, resulting in broader acceptance and user satisfaction.