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Tech Stack selection & update

Many companies struggle with the choice to go native or go with hybrid mobile solutions while considering to build a new mobile app. Or when there are challenges with the current app. We know how to futureproof your app for a rapidly changing business landscape. Last year, as some of our clients struggled with decisions about migrating between native and hybrid solutions, we recognized the complexity of these choices. Should we go from hybrid to native? Why can’t we use some features in our hybris apps? Is flutter part of our future platform of choice for all our front ends? We have react on the web, could we re-use parts of it for our mobile apps with React Native? And what about Ionic or Xamarin? Does our app team have the skills and drive to migrate to a new technology?To address all this, we proudly introduce our specialized service, "Tech Stack Selection," aimed at helping businesses identify pain points, streamline their workflows, and make informed decisions about the technologies that power their applications.

I want to upgrade my Tech Stack

The benefits

Improved performance

Delivering a seamless and lightning-fast user experience that sets new benchmarks for performance and reliability

Security compliance

Regular updates and security patches ensure a robust defense against potential threats, safeguarding user data.

Increased productivity

Simplification of eco system and reducing complexity. Therefore also increased developer productivity on the long term

Future proof applications

A well-chosen tech stack ensures future scalability, enabling the app to evolve with emerging technologies

"Working together with Elements, we have successfully tackled a significant number of technical challenges and rapidly worked towards a first release."
- Frank van Polanen, Head of Product, Intergamma

What we deliver

Improvement report

Our process begins with a full examination of your current tech stack and development workflows. We identify pain points, bottlenecks, and areas for improvement that could be hindering your app's performance or limiting your development capabilities. In this phase you will also need to thoroughly understand your app’s requirements, including its features, functionalities, target audience, and intended platforms (iOS, Android, or both). We will dive into third party integrations, security considerations, performance issues and scalability.

Implementation of solutions

We ensure that your app's dependencies, including frameworks and libraries, are up-to-date. This not only enhances security but also unlocks the potential for new features and optimizations.

Future-based solution

Train the team towards improved development efficiency (devops)

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