Location based

Personalized interactive experiences

Location-based technology can positively change the way organizations interact with customers, fans, and users. With GPS, geofencing, and other location technology, personalized, relevant content and offers can be displayed to users based on their location. Elements has extensive experience developing innovative location-based apps.

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Endless possibilities

At Elements, we have in-depth knowledge of applying location-based services. We develop Podwalk apps, unique location-based storytelling apps. In addition to experience apps, this type of technology offers a wide range of applications, including:

Tracking & Navigation apps

Tracking apps for sports and practical applications like navigation features in amusement park apps.

Loyalty programs

By using location-based services, loyalty programs can be developed that reward customers for visiting stores or checking in at specific locations. This helps increase customer loyalty and creates numerous commercial opportunities.

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Location-based technology can be used to display targeted advertisements to users based on their location. This helps to reach your target audience at the right moment, increasing the chance of conversion.


With location-based data, companies can offer users more personalized and relevant content. For example, a travel app can recommend local attractions or restaurants based on a user's current location.


Mobile apps can be used to create complete interactive experiences for users, such as treasure hunts, guided tours, or location-based games. These experiences can help increase user engagement and encourage them to interact with a brand. This can be achieved by offering additional content after visiting a museum or an interactive map of an amusement park with additional information on wait times or walking routes, for example.