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Our React Native developers are developing next level mobile applications for both Android and iOS at the same time. They make sure you quickly have a user-friendly app that works perfectly on both platforms using a reduced code base.

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Keeping the Native feeling

We understand you need a solid mobile app for your brand, working on both Android and iOS platforms. But you still want the app users to have their ‘native’ feeling. Luckily React Native translates your markup to native UI elements, keeping the native feeling alive and maintaining a high-performance level.

JavaScript & Core Components

React Native is based on React (Facebook’s JavaScript library) but instead of targeting browsers, it targets mobile platforms. It’s written using a mixture of JavaScript and XML-esque (JSX). ReactNative uses several Core Components like texts, images, list views and buttons to build your app.

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Benefits of React Native

The biggest benefit of using React Native is the ability to code simultaneously. With ‘code sharing’ you only have to code one time, that code is then deployed on two platforms at the same time. This is reducing the time and money you spend on your mobile app and makes sure they are consistent all the time.

React native development voor iOS en Android

Developing mobile apps

That’s what we like to do most. Together with 60 professionals from our offices in Almere and Barcelona, we are passionate about crafting lovable and usable digital experiences that help move brands and people forward. We think we can help you forward using the right technology. Are you facing a technical challenge? Or are you interested in developing mobile apps together with us? Tell us all about it!