VRT Podwalk app

For VRT, we developed a podwalk app called the VRT Podwalk app. With the podwalk app, you can follow podwalks from various VRT titles, starting with the podwalks of "Dwars door de Lage Landen." Podwalks are location-based audio tours.

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Flanders has a unique history and possesses a wealth of heritage. With its own podwalk app, VRT can connect this knowledge to the actual experience, complementing the TV series. "Dwars door de Lage Landen" is the first title with its own podwalks in the app, featuring routes in Roeselare, Aalter, Maasmechelen, Zemst, Rupelmonde, and Bruges. Arnout Hauben narrates historical stories and amusing anecdotes as you walk through the beautiful landscape. And all this simply with your phone in your pocket.


6 podwalks

in Roeselare, Aalter, Maasmechelen, Zemst, Rupelmonde en Brugge

Go-live in 3 months

Door gebruik van het whitelabel podwalk platform

Our approach
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For the VRT Podwalk app, we used the whitelabel podwalk app. It is a standardized product, which you can see as an app that is already 90% complete. This allows us to quickly develop podwalk apps. As a result, we could focus on the design of the app, content development, and some custom features.

VRT Podwalks app

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The VRT podwalk app is VRT branded. "Dwars door de Lage Landen" was the first program with podwalks for VRT, but in the coming period, the app will be further populated with multiple podwalks under various VRT titles.

Link to VRT PodWalks app in App Store (iOS)

Link to VRT PodWalks app in Google Play Store (Android)