Municipality of Amsterdam: Public Space Platform

For our capital city Amsterdam, we developed a platform where citizens can report about everything that has to do with the public space. At the moment Amsterdam handles around 30.000 monthly reports.

Backend Python/Django Platform, Machine Learning, Elastic search, Celery, Postgres, Docker.
Release date
2018 - now

Elements is helping the municipality of Amsterdam developing their platform: Melding Openbare Ruimte. Through https://meldingen.amsterdam.nl, phone number 14 020 and external apps citizens can make reports. All these reports need to come together in one system. Together with the right information they need to be send to one of the 25 departments for a smooth handling of the reports.

The backend is very important in the correct handling of the reports. Through Machine Learning, all the necessary extra information is retrieved trough asking specific questions based on keywords. These keywords are also used to classify the report in one of the 121 subcategories Amsterdam uses. You can imagine what happens if this platform is not classifying the reports the right way.  


30.000 monthly handled reports

Every month over 30.000 reports are made by citizens of Amsterdam. We are optimising the platform to make sure all 30.000 are handled fastest way possible at the right department.

High customer satisfaction

After the handling of the report people can give their feedback about the platform. Other municipality also picked this up and are showing interest in the platform.

Our approach
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Data-analysis and Privacy

Several Data Analysts get daily data from the backend of the platform. They use this data to get insights on the platform and optimise the process. Are the citizens happy with the handling of the report? How many reports are processed? What is the process time of a report?  

The reports are made anonymous, but citizens can leave their personal contacts so they are kept up to date. These contacts go into the database and need to be anonymised 365 days after the handling of the report.

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Collaboration between municipalities through the VNG

This platform didn’t stay unnoticed at other municipalities. Every municipality has to do with reports around their public space, with minor adjustments this platform could be implemented in other cities. The VNG (association of municipality in the Netherlands) collaborates between these cities, for example Den Bosch and Almere.    

Do you have any questions regarding this platform? Please don't hesitate to contact us.