MijnKPN: self-service app and website

For KPN, we developed the mijnKPN app, running on iOS and Android, and the backend of the KPN website. These offers customer self-care solutions, insights in data usage, invoice information and the possibility to order additional services.

Backend development, Python, React, App development, React Native, CMS, Website development.
Release date
2011 - now

The app we made is a complete remake of the previous versions of the app and communicates with an advanced brand new Python/Django API interface —also built by Elements. The same API is currently also in use for the responsive self- care environment on www.kpn.com

Through push notifications, the app warns the user when bundle limits are exceeded or when it is wise to change their subscription or order, for instance, a data bundle when going abroad. This is a great addition to the customer experience of KPN and the self-care solutions relieve customer support.  


Rated a 4.4 in App store and 4.3 in Play store

The high ranking of the app shows the benefits that the KPN customers experience when using the app. Together with the KPN website they have a full service environment to regulate everything around their purchased services.

Monitoring over one million customers 24/7

Over one million different customers use the app and/or the self-service website and rely on them 24/7. We have built the tools and set-up the alerts to notify DevOps when certain things require attention.

Our approach
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A modular solution driven by the backend

To a built a solution capable of serving over one million customers with different product packages, next best offerings and combinations, we decided to make the frontend fully depended on the backend. In total, the backend presents data from approximately ten key KPN (legacy) systems. Customers see relevant information both in the app and on the website and are not overwhelmed by the total, partly irrelevant, product catalog of KPN.  

Customers have access to the products and services they use or can order. The self-service environment is packed with customer-specific data and because of that, security is very importance, especially with a trustworthy brand like KPN. We applied security by design, combined with a series of serious security tests, delivered the best possible solution.

What the KPN app looks like

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The mijnKPN app and website

The new KPN app was launched after an extensive trial period with a customer panel of over a thousand users. The trial period with live data lasted for over five months and gave KPN and us a lot of valuable user feedback, which was used to improve the app before the go-live for to the entire customer base.  

The app is available in the Apple App Store and Android Play Store. It can be used by all customers with a mijnKPN account.

Do you have any questions regarding this platform? Please contact us.