EenVandaag: Political trends and analyses with the Peiling app

For our partner AVROTROS, we developed the updated Peiling (Survey) app for EenVandaag within 8 weeks using React Native. Users can track the current polls in clear graphs.

Mobile Development, React Native, UX Design, CMS
Release date

With the upcoming elections in sight, AVROTROS was in need of an update for the EenVandaag Peiling (Survey) app. As a digital partner of AVROTROS, we had previously collaborated on the Wie is de Mol? app and the Songfestival app. This time, the decision was made to develop the app using React Native, allowing for a single codebase to be used on both iOS and Android.



The app is accessible for people with visual impairments.

Fast time-to-market

Delivery of the app within 8 weeks

Our approach

Political analysis with research firm Ipsos

De Peiling is an initiative of EenVandaag where all the news and current election polls for the upcoming elections are available; more information can be found on the EenVandaag website. This political analysis is conducted in collaboration with research firm Ipsos and their own Opiniepanel. The Opiniepanel consists of more than 70,000 members who receive an invitation to participate in a poll approximately once a week. The results are visualized in the revamped Peiling app.

AVROTROS decided to revamp the existing Peiling app from scratch, based on new designs and technologies. In addition to the React Native platform, they opted to work with the Headless CMS Dato.

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React Native integration with DatoCMS

By coding in React Native, there is only one codebase for both the iOS and Android apps. Changes to the app only need to be made once and are immediately applied to both platforms. React Native utilizes web technologies, with the JavaScript layer serving as an intermediary between the web application and the native apps. You can read more about the benefits of React Native in our whitepaper. By using DatoCMS, both the website and the app are optimally linked to each other.

The interactive graphs provided by Ipsos are easily integrated on any platform through DatoCMS. Additionally, the editorial team can add news articles and other content that is immediately available on both the website and in the app. DatoCMS is a user-friendly Headless CMS that is easy to use and provides the ability to filter all data using AI. It's a solution that is easy for both developers and marketers to use.

EenVandaag Peiling App

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Renewed accessible Polling App

For EenVandaag, an accessible app for a wide audience has been created. By adding a voiceover, the app is also accessible to people with visual impairments. Additionally, the app is secure and scalable for the future, thanks to the use of React Native and a Headless CMS. An MVP for EenVandaag was realized in just 8 weeks.

The Polling App went live in March 2022 and was used by a broad audience for the first time around the elections on March 16.