Digital Identification with Kiwa eLicense

With personal certification, professionals in various sectors demonstrate their competence and compliance with current requirements. Currently, such certifications are often physical, in the form of a paper certificate or a card. With Kiwa eLicense, professionals now carry their personal certificate on their smartphone: simple, reliable, and secure!

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Kiwa eLicense App

With the eLicense App from Kiwa Digital Certification, professionals can identify themselves online, link their valid certificates, and authorize them remotely. The app was developed by Elements on behalf of KIWA Digital Certification with the aim of providing a generic solution for different use cases. It is therefore a total solution for different industries and meets strict privacy and security standards.

The app, released in January 2024, is designed for both iOS and Android. It is compatible with various ISO standards, such as ISO 18013-5, ISO 18013-7 (draft), and ISO 23220 (draft), making it possible to safely store driving licenses and diplomas on a smartphone, for example. The app is not standalone, but is part of a total solution that also includes integrations with various back-end systems.


Secure remote identification

Securely providing digital certificates

Our approach

Business case eLicense

For the fireworks industry, the eLicense will be used as a pyro-pass, issued by Hobéon SKO. The need for personal certification is increasing in today's complex society. Hobéon certifies personal skills in accordance with the latest requirements established by the relevant industry. This ensures that a person's skills are properly guaranteed. Specifically for the fireworks industry, Hobéon SKO carries out this activity on behalf of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. This allows professionals to demonstrate that they have the right paperwork to purchase fireworks.

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Features Kiwa eLicense App

With the eLicense, users can remotely confirm their identity and securely store certificates. It also offers features such as logging in and retrieving certificates from external entities in encrypted form. In addition, the app serves both users who can digitally display their certificate and a controller or enforcer who can use the app to perform the inspection.

eLicense App

The app uses end-to-end encryption, complies with privacy regulations, and offers self-sovereign data control. It gives users the ability to determine for themselves which information they share.

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The implementation of the eLicense app has led to a safe and user-friendly wallet app for diplomas and certificates, while the total solution meets high security and privacy requirements.

If you would like to know more, you can consult the Kiwa website or contact Erwin van Hasselt of Elements at 06 - 533 16 161 or Martin Dupuis of Kiwa Digital Certification at 06 - 570 22 603.