Bloei Vermogen app: the mobile app for insight into your investments

Bloei Vermogen invests the assets of their clients in a different manner than usual. Online, sustainably, at low costs, and without unnecessary risks. They are now among the top 10 largest asset managers in the Netherlands. As the target audience is significantly getting younger and online presence is a crucial part of the strategy, there was one missing piece: a mobile app. Bloei Vermogen asked Elements to assist with this.

Mobile Development, React Native, Backend Development
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The market for investors has undergone significant changes in recent years. The target audience is becoming younger, you can start investing with a smaller amount of capital, and you don't always need a personal investment advisor anymore. Bloei Vermogen has proactively responded to these trends with their online platform. They also noticed that users were increasingly using the investment platform via mobile devices and frequently received requests for a mobile app. So, they made it happen.


Our approach

The request was for the development of a Progressive Web App (PWA). After thoroughly discussing the situation and requirements, it was decided to go for a mobile app instead. This aligns much better with the user needs and future plans of Bloei Vermogen. This decision allowed features such as facial recognition to be incorporated directly.

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Elements is responsible for Visual Design, UX Design, Mobile development, and backend development. The mobile apps are developed using React Native, a hybrid language, meaning both the iOS and Android apps are built from a single codebase.

Backend For Frontend (BFF)

Bloei Vermogen utilizes the wealth management platform Blanco. To integrate with the Blanco platform, Elements has developed a middleware API tailored for the Bloei Vermogen mobile app. This is a stateless Backend For Frontend (BFF), without its own database or data, but designed to authenticate users. Introducing a BFF in the architecture also provides flexibility for future enhancements to the mobile app, such as adding new features from different backend platforms.

For this, Python, FastAPI, Redis, AWS, Elastic Container Service, and Elasticache were utilized.

Bloei Vermogen App

Mobile & sustainable investing

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The mobile apps went live in 2024 for over 2,500 active customers. The apps are available for download on the App Store and Google Play Store.