Agritech platform for sustainable farming in urban area

Easygrow is an Agritech platform for growing crops in urban areas using a hydroponics system, also known as vertical farming. Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil, based on dissolved nutrients in water. This is part of the 'farm to table movement' and is supported by technology. Elements developed the Internet of Things (IoT) technology, along with a mobile app and website, to operate the system and monitor and adjust the growth progress.

Mobile Development, Flutter, Machine Learning, IoT, Hydroponics, Backend Development, CMS, UX Design
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Sustainable Solution for Urban Agriculture

In the Easygrow container, vegetables are grown vertically. Sensors ensure an efficient nutrient and watering system. Additionally, it's possible to manipulate the light for optimal growth, making Easygrow weather-independent. In just two weeks, you can have fantastic lettuce in various types, sizes, and even flavors, such as wasabi or vanilla-flavored lettuce. Easygrow provides a sustainable, local solution for urban farmers.


Our approach

Machine Learning and IoT for Data-Driven Urban Farming

The platform revolves entirely around data, keeping records of pH and EC values per crop and per phase. The data is collected from hardware sensors and is analyzed and processed by machine learning technology, all with the aim of continuously improving growth recipes. With the mobile app, you have complete control over the hydroponics system and the crops. You receive notifications and can use it to monitor, control, and make adjustments. In short, you can conduct your vegetable and herb cultivation with the mobile app.

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The EasyGrow app was developed using Flutter, a hybrid mobile app development method. This method ensures that the app works on both iOS and Android systems. For certain complex functions related to data and charts, we utilized native development for iOS and Android. We also installed and configured all the hardware and provide the necessary support.

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Mobile Solution for crop growth

The hardware is fully integrated with software, in this case, a mobile app. Through IoT solutions and Machine Learning, you can continuously optimize the formula for crop growth. All of this can be controlled through the mobile apps.